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About Us - How Softaire® Diffusers Came to Be

Inventory Howard Locker
Inventor: Howard Locker

How Softaire® Began

Mary Locker was getting tired of bundling up in sweaters every time she turned on the air conditioning. But it seemed the only way to escape the oppressive Florida heat. Fortunately, her husband, Howard, was not only a professional engineer, but an inventor, and he came to the rescue.

After a little sketching, he took some cardboard and fashioned what, 10 years later, would evolve into his patented "Softaire Diffuser." The device does as the name suggests: circulates air evenly throughout a room, cutting down on drafts and using energy more efficiently.

"It may look simple enough, but it took years of trial and error and a lot of perseverance" said Locker.

Today Softaire Diffusers supply homeowners, private clubs, schools, professional offices, medical facilities, restaurants and apartments with their unique and innovative air circulation system as the answer to their heating and cooling regulation problems..