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Softaire Ceiling Air Diffusers Reduce Energy Costs

Energy Savings Chart
Energy Savings Chart

To test the energy saving characteristics of the Softaire Diffuser, an experiment was conducted in Boca Raton, Florida, with the cooperation of the Florida Power and Light Company. The study was conducted over a two-year period. Eight homes were selected as the experimental group and 15 homes were selected for the control group. (The energy consumption of the control group provided the data for a weather correction factor in order to standardize the changes in weather between year one and year two.) Only energy consumed for air conditioning was measured.

The results were dramatic! Air conditioning costs during the peak summer months for the 8 test homes using traditional 4-way diffusers used 32,503 Kwh.During the same months for the second year, now with Softaire diffusers, those same eight test homes saw air conditioning costs fall to 23,324 Kwh - a savings of 9,178 Kwh, or 28.2 percent.

* The research was supervised by Rodger A. Messenger, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering and Conservation at Florida Atlantic University.