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University of Michigan–Flint Study
Confirms Softaire® Air Diffuser Advantage

Flint, Michigan, 02/18/12  A study recently released by the University of Michigan–Flint Department of Engineering confirmed that Softaire® air diffusers offer superior performance over traditional ceiling diffuser designs.

The reason why was succinctly described in the study:

"The Softaire® diffuser is a radial vane type diffuser that allows the air to exit at a uniform rate. This uniform ejection pattern aids the cool air in traveling horizontally along the surface of the ceiling for an extended length before flowing downwards. The reduction in the amount of drafts and cold spots in the room provides uniform cooling and heating throughout the space"

Softaire® Diffusers provide more uniform air distribution than standard ceiling registers

The study, conducted by Dr. Quamrul Mazumder with the assistance of several engineering students showed that,"…the average ambient temperature distribution of the room was more uniform with the Softaire® diffuser than with the standard traditional ceiling grills"

Two of the more significant findings were:

  • • The Softaire® Diffuser outperformed the traditional ceiling registers by 36.6% during the temperature distribution uniformity test
  • • The Softaire® Diffuser outperformed the standard diffuser by 33% during the cooling cycle test.

These findings support the finding of a study of Softaire® Diffusers conducted by Florida Atlantic University, The primary advantages of this product are the superior temperature uniformity and energy cost savings performance it delivers.

Evaluation of performance of Softaire® HVAC Diffuser Compared to the Performance of a Standard Diffuser Kyle Stokes, David Hendrickson, Saiful Siddique and Ian Gossman

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Quamrul H. Mazumder, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan-Flint, USA