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It's not just about comfort. Not having the right temperature in an office can impact worker productivity and rapport.Temperature changes, like extreme heat, can make employees lethargic and drive away customers. Here are a few comments from a variety of businesses which solved their temperature issues with the Softaire Ceiling air diffuser.

  • "We put the second diffuser in this morning near the Computer Commons service desk. We cranked up the HVAC and the difference is amazing! People who man that desk said, that with the old diffuser they could barely hear the phone ring or hear patrons when they had questions when the HVAC dampers were full open. With the new diffuser we had to put our hands up there to confirm it was on. We're sold! You may bill us for the 3 diffusers at your convenience."
    ....Estes Valley Library
  • "After nine years of playing 'spin the thermostat', Softaire has solved our hot and cold draft problem."
    ....Union Square Cafe, New York City
  • "The complaints about air blowing on necks and backs have stopped. Softaire worked in every instance."
    ....Facility Manager, Grinell, IA
  • "The entire building became more comfortable and our electrical consumption has dropped 25%."
    ....Retail Store Owner, Lake Worth, FL
  • "We have had zero complaints since the installation."
    ....Restaurant, Flint, MI
  • "The air circulation is perfect."
    ....Architect/Builder, Manalapan Island, FL
  • "With Softaire, I am never aware of the air cooling the room."
    ....Homeowner, Delray Beach, FL
  • "Softaire Diffusers have solved our air flow problems and employee complaints, as well as eliminating the noise caused bv the old air grilles."
    ....President, CEO, San Antonio, TX
  • "No more complaints and they were so easy to install."
    ....Contractor, Flint, MI
  • "We used them in our modular furniture areas and the air movement is a lot better. It doesn't take as much air to get an even temperature." ....Facility Manger, Loveland, CO
  • "A good deal... outstanding value for the money."
    ....Facility Manager, Fort Collins, CO
  • "What's impressed us is ... no noise and your service is great."
    ....Contractor, Saginaw, MI